Beam Expanders

Pre-Engineered Beam Expander: Don’t have a complete design? No problem!

Our Pre-Engineered lenses give our customers the option to choose from a variety of preliminary designs based on what suits their application best. Just tell us your application requirements (dimensions, wavelength range, field of view, etc.) and our team of expert engineers will optimize our preliminary designs to meet your exact needs. This will save you the hassle of fully designing a product from scratch and help reduce or eliminate design fees!

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Beam Expanders increase the diameter of a collimated laser beam. The entire system does not have a focal length, i.e., both the input beam and output beam are collimated in a beam expander system. For many applications, the input laser beam has spatially varying intensity “noise” and a spatial filter is added into the beam expander system for producing a clean laser beam.

Beam expanders are used in many applications such as laser ranging, laser illumination, interferometry, etc. In high-power laser systems, beam expanders are used increase the beam area without significantly affecting the total laser energy. This results in a reduction of the laser power density which reduce the risk of damaging the coatings and optical materials of optical components. In a laser ranging system, a beam expander is used to minimize the laser divergence, resulting in a smaller collimated beam at a long distance.











  1. The light path of Beam Expander


Optical Characteristics

SO offers both fixed- and variable-magnification high-quality beam expander for use in the UV, visible, and infrared spectral range.

  • Diffraction-limited collimation beams for a wide range of input beams
  • Magnification from 1.5 times to 10 times
  • Adjustable Beam Expander to improve the divergence angle of laser beams
  • High transmittance with less energy loss
  • Working in high-power laser conditions
  • Optics and coatings customized to fit specific application needs

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