F-Theta Lenses

Pre-Engineered F-Theta Lenses: Don’t have a complete design? No problem!

Our Pre-Engineered lenses give our customers the option to choose from a variety of preliminary designs based on what suits their application best. Just tell us your application requirements (dimensions, wavelength range, field of view, etc.) and our team of expert engineers will optimize our preliminary designs to meet your exact needs. This will save you the hassle of fully designing a product from scratch and help reduce or eliminate design fees!

Contact us for product availability and lead time. To learn more, please feel free to contact us at 732-321-6915 or info@shanghai-optics.com.

F-Theta lenses are commonly used in laser scanning systems that require a flat image plane and high resolution. By introducing a specific amount of barrel distortion in the lens, the image height of the F-Theta lens is proportional to the scanning angle. These diffraction limited lens systems can be engineered to produce the desired spot size and have a distortion of less than 0.25% with the entire field of view.

Optical Characteristics

  • Lens design: compact design with 3 to 4 elements
  • Transmittance: >90%
  • Distortion (Max.): <0.25%
  • Focal length: available from 63mm to 635mm
  • Custom optical coating: working wavelength range from UV to visible to infrared
  • Lens performance: customized to fit specific application needs

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