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MWIR Lenses

MWIR Lenses or Medium-Wave Infrared Lenses  are infrared lenses optimized for use in the mid wave infrared region, between 3000 and 5000nm (3µm to 5µm).  Shanghai Optics produces high quality MWIR lenses for both industrial and research purposes, as well as for use in security applications and for medical imaging.

Please contact us for latest price on stock parts.


Understanding MWIR Optics

MWIR cameras use thermal imagery to view what is invisible to visible-light based imaging devices . Since the MWIR radiation is emitted by the object being viewed rather than from an outside source, it is uninvasive and nondestructive. This makes it ideal for a wide variety of applications.


While MWIR optics are not well suited to precise temperature measurements, they can provide high quality imagery and are ideal for surveillance and industrial quality control as well as in medical diagnostics. Our MWIR lenses provide nearly diffraction limited performance over their spectral range (3000 and 5000nm) and are suitable for use in FTIR, spectroscopy, and with tunable QCL lasers as well as for thermal imaging.


Shanghai Optics MWIR Lenses

Our in-stock MWIR lenses have focal lengths ranging from 25 to 250, and work with a field angle of 7 to 27.6 degrees. All in-shelf options currently have manual focus, but a wide range of interfaces are available: from C-mount to M50x1, M60x1/Flangle, M36x1 and M32x1.   These lenses are all designed to work with a 640×512-15um detector.


Custom Options from Shanghai Optics

If you don’t find the  MWIR lens you need in stock, our expert engineers are also available to work with you to design custom MWIR components to fit your application.  Optics design involves a careful choice of substrate and coatings as well as of the physical lens shape, and our opto mechanical engineers can guide you through the process and provide you with the details you need to make an informed decision.


Substrate options for the MWIR region include silicon, germanium, zinc selenide and zinc sulfide.   We offer a variety of anti-reflective and durability coatings, and can produce high quality zoom lenses as well as aspheric lenses, spherical lenses and objective lenses. Your choice of lens mounts enables you to be sure that your finished lens will fit smoothly into your finished assembly and function as designed.


Our Quality Control

At Shanghai Optics we take pride in our precise craftsmanship and careful attention to detail, and our MWIR lenses are no exception to this. Every MWIR lens we produce is subject to careful quality controls, and undergoes testing to quantify surface quality, image distortion and aberrations, and astigmatism. Our state of the art MTF Testing allows us to determine a large set of optical parameters to a high degree of accuracy, and ensure each of our lenses will perform as expected over a wide spectral range.  Our factory is also ISO 9001 certified and all of our lenses are tested against ISO and Mil standards.


Please contact us for a current price list or to discuss your custom order.  Our design team would be happy to provide a free consultation to help you hone in on the ideal optics for your application.


In Stock Middle Wave Infrared (MWIR) Lenses

Product currently out of stock. Please visit our Stock IR lens page for updated list.

P/N Focal Length (mm) F-Number Field of View Working Band Focus Control Back Working Distance (mm) Mount Detector Request Quote
SO-MWIR-250-20 25 2 27.6°(D) 3-5nm Manual 29.6 M32x1 640×512-15um
SO-MWIR-500-20 50 2 14°(D) 3-5nm Manual 28.4 M36x1 640×512-15um
SO-MWIR-700-20 70 2 9.3°(D) 3.7-4.8nm Manual 47.5 M60x1/Flange 640×512-15um
SO-MWIR-1000-20 100 2 7°(D) 3-5nm Manual 30.64 M50x1 640×512-15um
SO-MWIR-2000-20 200 2 3.5°(D) 3-5nm Manual C-Mount C-Mount 640×512-15um
SO-MWIR-2500-23 250 2.3 5.6°(D) 3-5nm Manual C-Mound C-Mount 640×512-15um

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