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NIR Lenses

NIR Lenses or Near Infrared Lenses are infrared lenses optimized for the near infrared region, from 900 nm to 1700 nm. At Shanghai Optics we manufacture high quality NIR lenses for applications ranging from NIR imaging to fiber optics to focusing and expanding NIR lasers.


Our in-stock options include both fixed and manual focus lenses, with focal lengths ranging from 12.5 to 200.  C-Mount, F-Bayonet, M37x0.5 and M30x1 interface options are all available.  If our in-shelf lenses do not meet your needs, custom lenses are another option.  Our engineering team can work with you to design and produce the ideal NIR lens for your application, and our state of the art factory enables us to bring your design through prototype to production without difficulty. Each of our lenses are subject to careful quality control, and are guaranteed to meet all stated ISO and Mil standards.



Please contact us for a current price list or to discuss your custom order.

In Stock Near Infrared (NIR) Lenses

Product currently out of stock. Please visit our Stock IR lens page for updated list.

P/N Focal Length (mm) F-number Field of View Working Band Focus Control Back Working Distance (mm) Mount Detector Request Quote
SO-NIR-125-14/160 12.5 1.4-16 37°(D) 900-1700nm Manual C-Mount C-Mount CCD-12.5um
SO-NIR-170-20 17 2 79.2°(D) 900-1700nm Manual F-Bayonet F-Bayonet 6000×4000-3.9um
SO-NIR-500-14 50 1.4 22.6°(D) 900-1700nm Fixed 21.76 M37x0.5 640×480-2.5um
SO-NIR-750-15 75 1.5 15.2°(D) 900-1700nm Manual C-Mount C-Mount 640×480-2.5um
SO-NIR-1000-20 100 2 11.4°(D) 900-1700nm Manual C-Mount C-Mount 640×480-2.5um
SO-NIR-2000-20 200 2 5.7°(D) 900-1700nm Manual 17.526 M30x1 640×480-2.5um

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