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SWIR Lenses

SWIR Lenses or Short-Wave Infrared Lenses are specifically designed for use with infrared radiation between 800 and 1700nm, the short wave infrared region. At Shanghai Optics we manufacture high quality SWIR lenses for applications including biomedical imaging, security, anti-counterfeiting imaging and solar cell inspection.

In industry, SWIR imaging is used for quality control and machine vision, since it is unaffected by the presence or absence of visible light and allows for imaging through nontransparent substrates such as silicon. Detecting bruising on fruit without the need for any invasive testing or outside illumination is just one of the many applications of SWIR lenses.

SWIR Lenses from Shanghai Optics

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We carry a range of high resolution manual focus SWIR lenses in stock, with focal lengths ranging from 12 to 100. They match InGaAs FPA formats and both C-Mount and Bayonet interfaces are available. Standard SWIR lens sizes include 16mm 25mm 35mm and 50mm.

Our lenses provide a large field of view and low distortion (less than 2 percent). Our 50 and 100 focal length options are designed to work with 1024×768-17um sensors, enabling ultra high resolution imaging and crystal clear inspection shots. These high performance lenses are ideal for machine vision applications where an accurate and detailed view is crucial.

If our in-stock options do not meet your needs, our experienced IR optics team can work with you to produce custom SWIR lenses. Our in-house factory and over 55 years of experience in the industry enable us to fully meet your desired specifications, and our experts would be happy to work with you and supply any design help you might need.

Our Commitment to Quality
Every SWIR lens we produce is carefully tested for quality before leaving our factory, and our state of the art testing equipment allows us to ensure that each optical piece will perform consistently and reliably in the application it was intended for. Our lenses are rated according to ISO and Mil standards, and we stand by each of our products and can provide technical support as needed both before and after installation.

Please contact us for current prices or to discuss a custom order.

In Stock Short Wave Infrared (SWIR) Lenses

Product currently out of stock. Please visit our Stock IR lens page for updated list.

P/N Focal Length (mm) F-Number Field of View Working Band Focus Control Back Working Distance (mm) Mount Detector Request Quote
SO-SWIR-120-30 12 3 54°(D) 1.5-5um Manual 39.4 Bayonet 640×512-15um
SO-SWIR-230-20 23 2 30°(D) 900-2300nm Manual C-Mount C-Mount 320×256-30um
SO-SWIR-250-25 25 2.5 26°(D) 900-2500nm Manual C-Mount C-Mount 320×256-30um
SO-SWIR-250-30 25 3 47°(D) 1.5-5um Manual 39.4 Bayonet 1024×768-17um
SO-SWIR-350-20 35 2 20°(D) 900-2500nm Manual C-Mount C-Mount 320×256-30um
SO-SWIR-350-24 35 2.4 20°(D) 900-2300nm Manual C-Mount C-Mount 320×256-30um
SO-SWIR-500-20 50 2 14°(D) 900-2500nm Manual C-Mount C-Mount 320×256-30um
SO-SWIR-500-23 50 2.3 24.5°(D) 1.5-5um Manual 39.4 Bayonet 1024×768-17um
SO-SWIR-1000-23 100 2.3 12.4°(D) 1.5-5um Manual 39.4 Bayonet 1024×768-17um

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