Microscope objectives allow people to see and capture images of microscopic features, essentially acting as high powered magnifying glasses. At their simplest, microscope objective lenses sit close to a specimen and capture light, relaying it to an eyepiece for viewing. Depending on the number and shape of the lenses in the objective, it may produce images with varying properties, magnifying the sample tens or even hundreds of times.

Just as there are many types of microscopes, there are many types of microscope objectives. The most basic and least expensive objectives, like you might find in a school science classroom, are achromatic objectives. Apochromatic objectives, on the other hand, provide a professional-grade level of correction and feature comparatively long working distances. Most microscopes have multiple objectives, so specimens can be examined with different magnifications and aperture sizes.

Microscope objectives prove useful in all sorts of applications, including medical, scientific, pharma and research fields.

Types of Microscope Objectives and How They are Used

Anyone who uses a microscope — student or researcher, amateur or professional — relies on microscope objectives to see the world on a smaller scale. These lenses make it possible to get clear and accurate images of microscopic phenomena.

The quality of a microscope objective makes a big difference in utility. Lower-end objectives fail to correct for common visual distortions that increase in severity as magnification increases. For precision imaging, researchers require objectives that can correct distortions and transmit a high amount of light to produce bright, sharp visuals. Some also require specialized objectives that can safely tolerate oil immersion or immersion in another wet field environment.

For the best microscopic imaging results, you need a microscope objective with carefully crafted lenses and high-quality objective assemblies. Often, custom microscope objectives are the best option for specialized applications.

Custom Microscope Objective Lenses are for Professionals That Require a Solution That is Beyond the Capability of Off-the-Shelf Microscope Objective Lenses

Shanghai Optics Microscope Objectives are designed with the assistance of CAD, Solidworks and Zemax software using top quality glass having highly specific refractive indices. This enables us to produce microscope objectives that are very low in dispersion and corrected for the most of the common optical artifacts such as coma, astigmatism, geometrical distortion, field curvature, spherical and chromatic aberration. Click on the image to learn more.

Pre-engineered Microscope Objectives Designs

Sometimes budget and time restraint can hinder the chance to utilize custom optics in your project. That is why Shanghai Optics(S.O.) offers a wide selection of pre-engineered (off the shelf) microscope objectives for you to choose from. Click on the image to learn more.

How Microscope Objectives are Made

Though the specific steps vary depending on the type of objective needed, microscope objectives are generally created using the following process:

  1. Design the objective: Optical engineers come up with an objective design to achieve the right imaging effects. This step may include choosing the proper lens curvature, selecting the correct type of glass or grouping lenses together in different elements.
  2. Make the optical components: Optical glass provides superior clarity due to its pure and uniform composition. Manufacturers make this glass by combining the proper elements, heating them and stirring the liquid mixture. The glass must undergo a process of cooling and reheating to ensure strength.
  3. Molding lens component: The liquid optical glass is poured into lens molds and allowed to cool. Then, the lenses are cut and ground to the exact curvatures required.
  4. Coating the component: To finish the lenses, manufacturers polish and inspect them for defects before applying an exterior coating.
  5. Assemble the objective: The last step in the process puts the lenses together inside the objective cylinder, along with other important elements such as lights and mirrors.

At Shanghai Optics, we design and manufacture custom and standard microscope objectives to meet the highest precision standards. By molding optical glass or using high-speed polishers, we can manufacture large quantities of precision microscope objective 10 times faster than those using other methods.

To address special custom needs, either high N.A. or long working distance, Shanghai Optics make cost-effective solutions available to customers with different range of budgets.

Microscope Objectives From S.O.

With more than 55 years of optical design and manufacturing experience, Shanghai Optics is highly qualified to help engineers, researchers, scientists and microscope manufacturers with microscopic imaging challenges. Our optical engineering consultants can help design a custom microscope objective that meets your needs, and our production team can manufacture it quickly at a competitive price

We provide first article inspection and follow ISO 9001 standards to ensure our lenses meet your expectations for performance. If you want to bring the advantages of high-quality microscope lenses to your project or workplace, request a free quote from S.O. today.


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