Custom Microscope Objectives

custom microscope objectives
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High Quality Custom Microscope Objectives Solution

We specializes in custom design and manufacturing microscope objective lenses for scientists, researchers and OEMs who require solutions for super resolution applications that can not be satisfied by off-the-shelf microscope objective lenses. Objectives allow microscopes to provide magnified images and are the most complex component in a microscope system because of their multi-element design.

pre-engineered microscope objectives


   Multi-photon Microscopy

   UV Metrology and Microscopy

   Spatial Filtering

   STED Microscopy

   Deep Tissues Imaging

   Microscopy & Analysis of Quantum Structures

   Analysis of Structural Materials

   Live Cell Fluorescent Microscopy

Shanghai Optics Advantages:

   High-NA, wide-FOV, long working distance, diffraction-limited resolution performance

   Top notch wave front, spherical and chromatic aberration over the entire FOV

   Customization of optical and mechanical requirements, including telecentricity, laser damage threshold and thermal sensitivity

   Volume Production repeatability, consistency from prototype to volume

   IP ownership, accelerated time to market, cost-competitive solutions


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