Opto-Mechanical Modules

Shanghai Optics Custom “Plug and Play” Opto-Mechanical Modules

Shanghai Optics designs and fabricates “plug and play” opto-mechanical module to meet our customer’s demanding performance requirements. Our cost-effective solutions have created value across various applications and environments. From Arctic freeze to dessert heat, our optical system is built to face extreme environmental challenges. Our expert team is experienced in delivering sophisticated custom solutions.

S.O. Performance and Benefits

   All designs are optimized for manufacturability, performance and precision

   These systems include optics, mechanical components, electronics, and software

   Tolerance analysis and our fabrication experience are utilized to minimize adjustment during integration. Our products meet specifications from the prototype stage, our quality stays consistent throughout production.

   SO possesses state of the art metrology to ensure top optical and mechanical performance

   Customized alignment, testing and certification is performed from UV, visible to IR spectrumas requested

   20 years track record of on-time, in-budget delivery with second to none customer support in North America

   Volume production is scalable from prototypes to a wide range of production quantities


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