Zoom Lenses

Optical Characteristics

  • Low Distortion and Day/Night Options
  • Focal Lengths from 10mm – 90mm or others
  • C- and CS-Mount Versions

Our High Resolution Varifocal Lenses are the most ideal choice when you need a specific field of view that requires a non-standard focal length. They make system integration straightforward while allow fine tuning, and also create the flexibility so they can be integrated across multiple applications. Day/Night varifocal lenses are the perfect choice when you need to extend your imaging system into the Near-Infrared without sacrificing visible imaging.
Motorized Zoom/Focusing Lens (with electromotor and controller) can be integrated into exiting system with specific motor selection by customers that will enable basic operations of zoom, focus and iris, with options of manual iris, rotatable mount, zoom lock adapter etc.

Lens Layout:

MTF Chart:

Digital Projection Zoom Lens:

Focal Length 19.3-22.6mm
Maximum aperture F/1.7(wide)-2.2(tele)
Imager format 0.63″ LCD 1280X768
Zoom ratio 1.2
Field angle 56°
Imager circle 21.5mm
Distortion 1.50%
Relative illumination 80%
Projection range 1~infinity
Lateral color <0.7 pixel

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