FAI Policy

Here at Shanghai Optics, we stand behind the quality of our optics 100%. We know our capabilities, and we know that we offer some of the highest quality optics in the industry, but we want you to experience this first hand before committing to a larger order. We relate to both sides of the market, and understand that it is very difficult to commit to a supplier before testing their product first. We want to assist you, our valued customer, by providing a worry free experience during the purchasing process and provide that extra boost of confidence in us as a company. This is why we will always offer you an FAI (First Article for Inspection). For more details on how this process works, please see the following:


  • FAI stands for First Article Inspection. It is an absolutely risk-free process.
  • After placing a large quantity order, you will receive a FAI sample before making any payments*. This allows you to skip the small orders for quality testing, therefore saving you money in the long run.
  • Once you receive the FAI, you will perform the needed testing and inspections to assure that we meet their specifications and pass your acceptance criteria.
    • The acceptance criteria of the products will be based on the specifications that we agreed upon during the RFQ/Quotation periods.
    • In the event that Shanghai Optics fails to meet the acceptance criteria on the FAI, you have the option of cancelling the entire order without paying anything. We guarantee that we will meet the requirements as specified, or we will rework the products to meet your specs or provide you with a full refund. Shanghai Optics will then absorb all the loss for the order.
  • After the FAI has been approved, Shanghai Optics will deliver the balance of the order according to your requested delivery schedule.


Please see the following real-world example:

A customer would like to order a custom lens assembly from SO:
Option 1: Quantity of 5 units for prototype – unit price is $2,000/each, total price of $10,000.
Option 2: Quantity of 100 units for production – unit price is $350/each, total price of $35,000.

Thanks to our offer of an FAI, you can place an order for 100 units at a unit price of $350/each. Shanghai Optics will then ship you 5 or more units for your testing and approval. The remainder of the lenses will be shipped after the FAI has been approved. We stand behind the quality our products 100%, so if you test the FAI and find quality issues or incorrect specifications, we will provide you with a full refund.

The benefit? With an FAI, you do not need to invest $10,000 to test the initial 5 units. Instead, you can test our quality at production prices ($350/each) before receiving the entire shipment. You can rest assured knowing that your optics are in good hands, and that we offer a worry-free return policy. You have nothing to lose, but so much to gain!



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